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Come here to create your character. Please pick the appropriate application after reading all of the information in the regulatory category. Remember to wait until your character has been accepted to move on into roleplaying! This should happen within 24 hours. If 24 hours pass and your character has not been approved, please notify a staff member. Incomplete characters should include a [wip] in the title.
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Within this board you can find any necessary documents for characters and their players. This includes face claims, who's who, plotters, trackers, and wanted ads.


Sanchu is a large coastal town on the east coast of the mainland. It is well-known as a place for trade, and the most visited area of the city is the extensive marketplace downtown. The marketplace stretches down the middle of the city from north to south, and is little more than a conglomeration of stands and tables balanced on the bumpy tracks of the cobblestone street. Vendor's can be found here from dawn to dusk. The marketplace opens and closes with the sun such that any vendors caught during the off-hours can be fined by the city. Sanchu is constructed in a grid-like fashion, oriented in relation to the market - all of the main east to west streets cross it. The buildings and homes here are old but securely built, generally constructed out of bricks and stone. The eastern edges of the city include docks that extend down into the sea. Fishermen sell some of their wares here, although they can be found in the market as well. Because of the city's proximity to the ocean, the summers can bring terrible storms with the occasional flood. Many homes are built up off the ground. Still, during the storm season, you can generally find at least one or two houses undergoing some sort of repair. In the northeastern corner is a particularly large building, topped with a tower. This building is the center of administrations, from which the government operates.
The Kingdom of Daika is an ode to history's days of conquering, but has become the official name of the large city that spread its influence across the mainland. Daika is constructed in an upwards direction, built into an almost mountain-like hill. Because of Daika's cultural emphasis on power, many citizens are active members of the military - roughly 60% of all people will serve in the military at some point in their lives. The city is situated around a formidable castle. This is the home of the royal family, although the lower levels are dedicated to administrative purposes. To the south of the castle is a large courtyard that acts as the city's marketplace. It is the largest in the city, but not the only place to buy goods. Many of the buildings towards the top of the hill are taken up by stores or wealthier members of the city. As you descend, Daika's territory flattens out at the river edge. There are some farmers here, and the river provides a small fishing community.The northern side of the castle is restricted to the average citizen. There is a small stable here, with a smooth pathway down to the base of the hill. There you will find an expansive area dedicated to the military. Various buildings stand there, such as an armory, blacksmith, barracks and very large stable, accompanied by training arenas of different types. There is always activity of some sort, and it is never unmanned.
Yanica is a much smaller town than Sanchu and Daika, and you'll find that the buildings are nestled very close together. The homes here are much like townhouses, but unique in that they are many different colors. Yanica is still governed by Daika, and has a relatively small permanent population. As the town between two cities, many goods move through the town but rarely stay - they fetch a much prettier penny on the coast where the population is larger and has more to spend. It is surrounded by grassland, but you won't find much in terms of farmers. The town relies primarily on trade for goods. Instead, there is a small grouping of military buildings that serve as an outpost for Daika and protection for the town. In these times of peace, it is lightly manned. The "hills" in the city are man-made (whether from labor or someone gifted in earth manipulation is not remembered), and allow for different tiers of living.
There are three elven villages dotted throughout the northern forests of Xisin. They are all hidden within the trees, and not many people travel there. Trade is common between the villages, but outsiders are generally regarded with caution. Between the three villages, they are self-sufficient - outside travel is rarely necessary. The forests here are full of deer and other game, and considered sacred by both the elves and faeries. The trees of the inner forest are monstrous, and considered to be as old as the world itself. Deeper areas of the forest can be dangerous to travel for novices, and the path gets progressively harder to stick to. At its center, the trees give way to a large lake, the only true water source of the forest.
On the outside, The Mother Hive appears to be a monstrously large bees nest suspended from one of the ancient trees of the forest. There is a small door on the eastern side of the hive that serves as the main entryway, but there are two on the north and south also. Inside, most of the buildings and stores are secured into the sides of the hive, with wooden bridges formed between them. Everything is miniature here, but you can find the same types of places that are in "normal-sized" towns - markets, restaurants, inns, bars, and so on. The Mother Hive generally serves as a meeting place for all of Xisin's faeries, and so the residential sector - located at the bottom of the hive - is quite small. At its peak are the administration buildings. They are not particularly large or grand in comparison with the other buildings here, despite their importance.

Unaffiliated Areas-]

Ischmiel is primarily mountainous, and can be exceptionally dangerous for beings void of wings. There are treacherous cliffs, and the aged rocks can be quick to crumble. Towards the western coast the mountains give way to large hills and then coast land, although this area is very small compared to the breadth of the island itself.Some trees and vegetation line the mountains, and dragons are not the only creatures here. There are many mountain dwelling creatures that the dragons respect - and feed into their diets. Most of the dragons dwell towards the islands center, where some flat areas in the mountains provide resting places. The island is sacred, and while most of the dragons are open to visitors, they are not permitted to harvest the stone or any other resources from here - officially, anyway. The terrific size of the island may provide just enough cover to keep audacious miners out of sight and out of mind.

Located in the marshy lowlands of the peninsula, the Temple of Aikia is a shining white, formidable structure. The outside is kept clean and glimmering, like a shimmer of hope for Xisin's sick and weary. People from all over Xisin flock to the temple for help and assistance. The front entrance consists of cascading stairs up to a heavy oak door which opens into a softly lit, domed room.The ceiling is decorated with intricate designs, as are the columns supporting it. Straight ahead is a carved area, situated lower in the floor with a compass. Visitors are not allowed beyond this point without being accompanied by a healer. Down the stairs are living areas for the people who work there, as well as a kitchen, laundry, and apothecary. Some rooms are singles, while others have more than one bed. Continuing down another flight of stars on the side of the building leads to a dungeon, where werewolves can hide themselves during a transformation. Up above, patient rooms line the outside of the building. There are two beds in each room.
There are many rumors surrounding Xella. One of the few agreed points is that it is incredibly hard to find in the high mountains of Xisin's western frontier. There is no real path that leads to it until you're close, where a weathered stairway leads up the mountain. It's a very dangerous place to be no matter what time of day it is, both because the precarious landscape and the beings that roam there. At the end of the trail is a large clearing, bordered by trees with a large stone slate in the center. Rumor has it that Svatur was banished there. Not many people venture the hard landscape. Those who do have been known to see various visions - a couple have even claimed to have been visited by The All Mother or Svatur themselves.
The Wilderness is any area in Xisin proper that does not constitute any of the other boards. Let your imagination run free!

Writer's Corner-]

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