The residents of Qez live, for the most part, up above the forest floor. Homes and stores are built into the trees. Some of these are equipped with stairs from the bottom to the upper structures, but most are sparsely connected with rope bridges. The canopy is dense, and the temperature stays very cool all year round - freezing in the winter months. The forest floor of the village is dedicated to plant growing. Although most crops for eating cannot grow here, Qez has managed to genetically modify various herbs and spices to thrive in the dark and cool environment. They're sought out for them by the other elven villages, and specialize in rare types. Because of their specialty, this village is visited by outsiders more often than the others - Aikia produces its own herbs, but will send for Qez at dire times. The village is generally helpful. However, don't expect their prized herbs and spices for free.
Fil resides within the dying spot of a felled tree. The death of the large tree left a sizable gap in the forest, and in its wake Fil sprouted up. It is a village nestled into the environment, and many of the buildings are covered in vines. An archway encompassed with foliage marks the southern entrance into the village - without it, one may find it easy to walk right past the quiet little place. Sunshine reaches the forest floor, and Fil grows many fruits and vegetables here. They are even better known for their weapons and gear, created from various animal hides and wood. Some traders mingle here with stone from the west, but the inhabitants can be picky about who they choose to do business with. Typically, these traders are people they have known for years; sometimes, generations.
Tere is the most northern elven village, and also the most private and small. The village is nearer to the coast, and the trees here are smaller and less densely populated. The tiny population of the village lives in underground burrows, dug out from beneath the roots of large trees. There are some crops here, albeit not many. Tere has a long history of trading with Fil, their southern neighbors. Their proximity to the coast allows for a robust amount of fish and sea animals for food and resources, and most inhabitants will become very familiar with the sea before they are able to walk.


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